Waspie Belts

Waspie belts can sometimes become forgotten about in the wonderful world of lingerie. Fuller corsets may get more attention, but there’s so many reasons to fall in love with the waspie!

By definition, a waspie belt (or a waspie corset) is typically no more than eight inches tall. However, some waspie belts may be much, much shorter than this - hence the name ‘belt’! A waspie is technically an underbust corset. As they are much shorter at the side and back than the traditional corset, this helps the wearer’s flexibility and makes the corset a lot more comfortable when sitting, standing, and moving around for longer periods of time.

One of the biggest benefits of waspie belts is the comfort factor. At Corset Story, all of our waspies have the highest comfort ratings on our scale: it really is nigh-on impossible to find a more comfortable corset, perfect for everyday use and waist training.

Ladies waspie belts are totally versatile, for both as lingerie and as striking outerwear fashion centrepieces. While more traditional underbust corsets can be worn as clothing, waspie corsets make the best underbust for wearing as outerwear. Our diverse range of waspies make wonderful adjustable belts, and complement a variety of outerwear looks that are sure to turn heads. A waspie belt can easily be dressed up or down, drawing attention to your beautifully cinched waist. For example, you may want to wear a waspie with a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt for a touch of everyday glamour. Or you could team up your waspie belt with a long dress to create an enviable feminine silhouette - Corset Story’s waspie belts make the perfect accessory for nearly every outfit.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the waspie - it is small but mighty! If you’re looking for serious waist reduction results, a waspie belt focuses solely on your waistline, making it the perfect waist training companion.

Although they may be small, they are still in every sense of the word a ‘traditional’ corset. Waspies are made from steel boning and lace up at the back (we use both ribbon and cord lacing), so you’ll never compromise on quality. Even better, the relatively smaller size of waspie belts make them easy to disguise under clothing to help you achieve a sleeker silhouette. Corset Story’s waspies boast waist reductions of up to four inches and are suitable for wearing all day. Waspie belts are a more stylish and exciting alternative to stretchy (and often inefficient) shapewear, and guarantee you even better results. If you’re serious about waist training and reduction, a waspie belt is a wonderfully reliable and timeless investment piece with endless styling options.

Our ladies waspie belt range comes in a variety of colours and outer materials, but on the inside we only ever use breathable fabrics such as cotton to ensure maximum comfort all day long. With everything from reliable black to stunning couture designs, Corset Story has a waspie belt that you’ll fall in love with today.