Green Corsets

We could joke and say that your friends will be green with envy if you showed up wearing one of the fabulous corsets in this section, but we’re above that kind of thing. There are some stunning designs on show in our green corsets section; from light Victorian powder greens to bold emerald colours, they come in a variety of designs. Our green corsets are a firm favourite here at Corset Story and for many of our customers as we think it gives you a more regal look.

The corsets in this section are a variety so make sure you pick the right style before taking the plunge. There are some examples of our Instant Shape corsets which are for slipping on quickly before you go out for the evening, they’ll offer minor waist reduction but they’ll certainly make you look amazing. Our Waist Taming corsets are much stronger and will take several inches off your natural waist size, so be sure to choose carefully.