Performance Corsets: What’s the Best Option

Performance Corsets: What’s the Best Option

If you are a performer, what’s the best corset for you? Find out how you can improve and enhance your act, by choosing the perfect performance corset...

Corsets have long been used in performance. From burlesque to cabaret, corsets ooze glamour and add to the overall experience. Often the centre of attention when worn during performance, the corset seems to influence the body to move in a unique way that’s not seen through the use of any other garment.

Playing a key role in many on-stage acts, does the type of corset you use impact on your performance? Read on to find out all out need to know about performance corsets and what the best option is to create a memorable act…

Performance Corsets VS Occasion Corsets

You might consider the corsets that are worn on stage to be much the same as the corsets worn day-to-day or for special occasions, but there are some key elements to consider when choosing a corset for performance.

For a start, movement shouldn’t be restricted. When you perform it’s important to feel free and be able to move fluidly. Performance of course doesn’t always involve dance, but it does require over the top and animated movement, as well as dance in many cases.

Getting your corset right for performance is all about the fit. An ill fitting corset might restrict you and cause discomfort as you try to move, whereas a corset that is well fitted will support your movement.

When choosing a corset, consider your body shape and size to get your fit just right. If in doubt, consult our handy size guide to help you determine your perfect fit. Corset seasoning might be required, which is the method of ‘wearing your corset in’ and is often necessary to ensure maximum comfort. Corset seasoning can be done over a period of 2-4 weeks, and is a must for performance corsets to ensure you can move freely, while still benefiting from the figure shaping elements that a corset has to offer.

In properly seasoning your corset you should be able to tighten your corset to your desired fit, whereas tightening your corset too much when it doesn’t fit right yet for performance will just restrict your movement as well as your breathing.

Solo Routines VS Group Routines

It is also worth considering what kind of performance that you do when it comes to choosing the right corset. In group routines, synchronized performance often plays an important role. If your act involves removing your corset at some point, you might want to consider a corset with a concealed zip, to enable you to remove it at the same time as the rest of your group.

However, a lot of performances involve an element of teasing and also showing off the intricacy and details within your costume. Removing a corset slowly by unlacing might be the preferred option for longer stage performances. Of course in many instances you might not remove your corset at all, and so a zip or easily removable garment isn’t necessary, giving you more freedom when it comes to style.

Performance Corsets

Here are a few styles that might work well for performance, depending on what kind of act you do, and your own personal style…

The Blue and Gold Brocade Pattern Overbust with Hooks

This highly detailed corset is perfect for performance. Ensuring you have a unique style and standout from other performers, the Blue and Gold Brocade Pattern Overbust with Hooks features a Regency design and provides instant shape. With hooks to the front, it’s easy to remove should you need, and will provide a fantastic waist reduction of 1-2 inches.

The Classic Underbust in Jet Black

Create a stunning hourglass figure and let your underwear become part of your outfit, with the Classic Underbust in Jet Black. This timeless style allows you to choose from a more simple and sophisticated look, or a more eclectic style with bright and decorative underwear alongside your simple underbust corset.

The Red Steampunk Corset with Chains

Corsets don’t come much more lavish than this. Perfect for performance and creating your stage character, the Red Steampunk Corset with Chains will achieve a waist reduction of 3-4 inches. With a pretty brocade pattern, chains and studs, the corset is finished with brass buckles to the front for a unique and eye catching design.

When it comes to performance corsets, it’s all about the fit and finding the right style to perfectly represent your character. For more help in choosing the ideal performance corset, don’t hesitate to get in touch: