Split testing of pricing model
Corset Story is currently running 2 separate pricing models and promotions on this website. Originally we had designed our business model with a view to selling our designs to 3rd party distributors. In order to achieve this we had to include a healthy margin in our prices to ensure our distributors were rewarded fairly. 
Covid-19 has radically altered our approach to distribution, we would now very much like to sell to customers directly through our websites. As we are selling directly we will be able to sell corsets generally for a lower price.
When we created our business and our pricing structure we did not intend to be selling 100% of our corsets directly. We are very hopeful that the version of the pricing model you are seeing today works, but we do reserve the right to roll our pricing model back to the original (and much higher prices) if we can not make this a success.
Fee free to email me directly if there is anything you would like to discuss regarding these tests, i can be reached anytime on chris@corset-story.com
Thank you for your patience
Chris Rawlings
CEO - Corset Story