Do you spend your spare time living a fantasy life as a Live-Action Role Player? Do you live, breath and become your favourite book or movie character every weekend? For those of you who haven't yet discovered the epic fantasy that is Larping. It is a vibrant and exciting international phenomenon that draws inspiration from tabletop games, drama and performance art. Larping involves coming up with a character, giving it a background, making costumes and props for it, and then acting out a story.

From Lord of the Rings-style epic fantasies with wizards and elves battling against the forces of evil to classic dark horror with blood-sucking vampires and werewolves. A LARP is limited only by the imaginations and fantasies of those participating. Like any hobbyist, a serious LARP fan invests hours into the game. A serious LARP requires a lot of time and dedication. The logistics of the battle, character creation, the costumes, the location, organizing participants and timing - it's a huge undertaking.

Larpers do not merely wear cheap, disposable costumes like those that people buy for Halloween to amuse themselves and others. Larpers wear high-quality garments that have been expertly and beautifully made. Larp costumes are usually bespoke garments that have been made in the style of the character whom you are bringing to life at a Live Action Role Play event. Larp is an art form that is taken very seriously by larping enthusiasts. Larpers do not merely play dress up, they become complex characters from novels and movies, complete with a history and personality; they design costumes and weapons, forge alliances, stoke rivalries and play out their chosen scenarios.

Larping is a unique way to express yourself or put yourself in someone else's shoes. Growing up we all have fantasies born from the movies we watch and the video games we play. We dream of going on epic adventures or standing up to bullies like the hero's we see in the pages of books or on the big screen. As we grow up, inevitably, our childhood dreams and fantasies are overtaken by the realities of adult life. Larping allows you to rediscover your inner child and become the person you have always wanted to be. If only for a few hours a week.

Your outfit is a vital part of the LARP experience. The garments you wear will be worn at multiple events and need to withstand vigorous activity. Including showpiece fights and harsh weather conditions. So, it's essential to invest in high quality, durable clothing that will age well. At Corset Story, we have developed a range of stunning LARP corset tops for you to indulge your fantasies in. Whether your alter ego is a high elf archer or a warrior princess, our LARP specific corsets will complete your character....and offer a surprising amount of protection from those rubber swords!